Louvred Curtain Walling

Louvred Curtain Walling

Louvred also supplies Louvred Curtain Walling in three options of glazing frame, depending on the depth of the glazing pocket or rebate.

  • BL050-F028G 50.8mm deep glazing frame to suit a 28mm glazing pocket
  • BL050-F032G 50.8mm deep glazing frame to suit a 32mm glazing pocket
  • BL050D-F099G 99mm deep frame to suit a 28mm glazing pocket (can be packed to 32mm)

All options are comprised of Aluminium Louvres at an incline of 45°, a front lip of 12mm, and pitched at 50mm spacing, set in a glazing frame to suit a 28-32mm glazing pocket.

The blades are fixed with aluminium clips to the frame jambs. As standard, the louvres are complete with galvanised steel bird guard, with 12.7mm x 12.7mm apertures attached to the rear of the blades.

Manufactured & Fitted In The UK

Installation is available throughout the UK via our experienced installation teams. All our installation teams carry the necessary CSCS cards and powered access licences.

If your project also requires non-louvred Steel Doors, we can help with that too. Howard Mitchell Group also provides a wide range of Hinged Steel Doors to suit most apertures and requirements.

Contact us today on 0161 635 0130 or contact us via the forms/email provided and we’ll gladly assist you with your needs.

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    Louvred Screens & Enclosures - Supplied & Installed

    Louvred Curtain Walling Specifications

    • Louvre blades inclined at 45°, mounted at 50mm pitch in 50mm frame
    • Galvanised bird screen supplied as standard
    • Frames with 28mm or 32mm glazing edge for use into standard curtain walling or glazing systems
    • Glazed-in louvre system available as standard with 28mm/32mm edge frame
    • Louvre sizes are made to suit your requirements


    • Fixes directly into curtain walling glazing system in place of glass


    • Insect Screen
    • Blanking Panels (single skin plate or insulated blanking panel)
    • Vermin Guard
    • Alternative frame depths (30mm, 36mm, etc.)


    • Mill finish as standard (untreated and unpolished aluminium)
    • Polyester Powder coatings to any standard RAL or BS 4800 range colours
    • Special finishes available on request
    • Anodised finishes

    Nominal free area

    • F028G/F032G with bird guard fitted = 51.8%
    • F099G with bird guard fitted = 51.2%

    Maximum BSRIA weather test rating (simulated rainfall 75mm/hr, wind speed 13m/sec)

    • BL050 F028G with standard bird guard fitted = 96.95% (Class B)
    • BL050D F028G with standard bird guard fitted = 99.49% (Class A)

    Coefficient Data (includes bird mesh)
    BL050 0.287 Ce (intake) 0.288 Cd (exhaust)
    BL050D 0.189 Ce (intake) 0.207 Cd (exhaust)

    Guard (mesh) Options
    Bird Guard– Galvanised steel with 12.7mm x 12.7mm apertures
    Vermin Guard– Galvanised steel with 6.35mm x 6.35mm apertures
    Insect Mesh– PVC coated fibreglass, stainless steel or HDPE options

    Our Louvred Curtain Walling can be made in almost any size

    Louvred Curtain Walling Options Detail

    Louvred Curtain Walling Detail

    Site Assembled

    Qualified Fitters

    Rapid Delivery & Fit

    Assembled On Site

    Cost Effective

    Ideal For Screening Projects

    Superior Airflow

    Multiple Mesh Options

    Pick a colour, any colour...

    Louvred Curtain Walling Standard RAL Colour Range & Powder Coating Options

    These colours represent only a small number of those that are available. Please ask if you cannot see the colour you require.

    To improve the longevity of your louvred products, Louvred Doors Manchester Louvred Curtain Walling is supplied in a high-quality finish powder coating (PPC) at no extra cost.

    A full range of RAL and BS colours are available, including metallics and pearlescent as an optional extra.

    Louvred Doors Manchester is a C5 marine grade specialist, providing unmatched corrosion protection in steel doors supplied to highly corrosive and/or saline environments.

    Please note this treatment is particularly recommended for doors which will be situated less than 50m from the coastline.

    C5 Marine Grade Powder Coating Options

    • Marine Grade Paint | Single
    • Marine Grade Paint | Double / Leaf & Half
    • C5i Marine Grade Door | Single
    • C5i Marine Grade Door | Double / Leaf & Half

    *PLEASE NOTE: These colours are for reference only and are an approximation of the true colours. The quality, type and settings of the output device used to display this page will also affect the visible colour. Some colours may be subject to an additional cost. Door sets that are installed in extreme locations, i.e. coastal areas etc., may require special paint applications. Louvred Doors Manchester sales staff can advise accordingly. Failure to notify/specify these applications can result in the negation of the guarantee.

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